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Holiday Gift Guide

What a crazy start to the holidays it has been! The last week or two has had me flying all over the state, eating lots some days and only once on others, and staying up later than a grandma-type like me is used to. I consistently feel like it's hours later than it should be, but the days have just become about 5 hours shorter. 

I'm now in the last push before a three week break. As one of the few people I know still living that student life, each semester seems like less of a race and more of a grueling crawl to the finish. But, thankfully, I have a few things to look forward to. One of those things are all my favorite traditions that take place around this time of year. 

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Strengthening Marriage In A Crunch

I haven't been married very long. I still consider myself a newlywed, but it's during those first few years of marriage that it's most important to build a strong foundation to your relationship. It's important to always be working on strengthening and growing your marriage, but the choices you make at the beginning of the marriage are what will determine a lot of your married life in the future. 

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