What happened? A life update

It’s been a while.


This time last year was the last time I posted. So much happened all at once, and as much as I wanted to keep writing about and pursuing travel, life threw me a fast one. I didn’t think that the blogging life was going to fit in with my lifestyle anymore, and so when the time came to choose whether or not to keep the site going…I didn’t.

But I’m back. And I’ll get to more on why that is soon. Before that, here’s a general breakdown of what happened:

First, I (finally) graduated from college! This in itself is, of course, a good thing. But it lead to the next thing: Getting a job.

I started working full time basically immediately, and I loved it a lot. The only problem is that, in addition to being full time, it was an hour and half away. I still work there, and I still love it. I am working in the industry I’ve wanted to for a long time, and I love the people I work with.

That commute and long hours left close to zero free time for me. And all the time I did have was spent doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and just trying to keep up with everyday life.

Then the big thing happened: We bought a house.

Well, actually, we’re building a house. It’s supposed to be done in a couple months, and it’s hard to believe that we’re going to be homeowners. I am so excited, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about that journey in future posts.

And then there was all the personal stuff. The family health and personal issues, discovering some health problems of my own and trying to adjust to a rigid 8-5 lifestyle. There have been a lot of adjustments and a lot of changes.

The travel hasn’t stopped, though. I just got back from the Philippines and we took a couples trip back in November to a past favorite of mine, Puerto Rico. I can’t wait to jump back in talk about everything I’ve learned and, of course, how I kept the packing light.

This place has been a great outlet for me, and it lead me to a great community of travelers. I’m excited to jump back in.

It’s been an absolutely insane, busy and unbelievable year. I know that more crazy life things are in the near future, but I’m back and happier than ever to have a little place of my own.