Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

When I think of our snorkeling excursion during our last trip in Puerto Rico, one word comes to mind: “Fishies!”

That is what Kev and I kept saying to each other through our snorkels whenever a colorful school of fish would pass underneath us. The water was clear and beautiful, and we saw a huge variety of sea life.

The first time I was in Puerto Rico, went to the bioluminescent bay. I wrote a bit about that experience, and while it was an experience that I would love to have again, it just wasn’t going to work with our schedule this time.

We were on this trip with another couple, friends of ours. It was their idea to take a day to do a catamaran excursion and see some of the other beaches and beautiful spots that Puerto Rico has to offer. I am all for a day of island hopping, so we booked our spots and made our way to the marina early one morning.

The tour lasted the majority of the day, with a lunch provided. We would be stopping at a reef to do some snorkeling and then off to the famous Flamingo beach — consistently named one of the most beautiful in the world — to spend some more time just lounging in the crystal clear water, sipping our drinks.

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We were lucky enough to get great weather for pretty much the entire trip. The water was clear, cool and blue, and the sun was just as bright as you’d hope it would be in the Caribbean.

The trip started off with a quick safety briefing and taking the catamaran for about a 20 minute ride from the marina in Fajardo to our first stop.

Once we arrived, we were given our snorkeling gear and set free to explore.

The water was perfect for snorkeling and time flew by as we looked at all the beautiful sea life and fishies swimming right next to us. It was so quiet and peaceful. It’s these moments during travel that I live for: When I am fully aware and in awe of what I’m experiencing. When it’s something that I could never just normally due in my day-to-day life sitting at a desk in a desert state. I tried to soak in every moment.

Eventually we took off the flippers and just had fun swimming around the boat while they got lunch ready. It wasn’t anything fancy — just a spread of sandwiches, fruit, salad and some cookies — but it was good enough and very welcome after so much time in the water. Pus, the food was good. Meaning, the fruit didn’t look days old, the bread was fresh and everything had flavor.

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We were supposed to head to the famous Flamingo Beach next. I’d tried to go there on my previous trip to Puerto Rico a year earlier, but it didn’t end up working out. So I was disappointed to find that the water close to the shore had become too rough for us to approach. Alas, I guess it wasn’t meant to be and I will have to try again next time.

We did, however go to another beach not far off. It’s apparently a favorite of yacht owners, so I felt fancy sharing the area with them for a little while. We were all pretty tired from earlier in the day, so this was our time to just relax, sun bathe and float in the water while sipping on some drinks that were being delivered by the crew. Talk about a life of luxury.

The afternoon started to wind down, and it was time to return back to the mainland.

By the time we arrived back at our Airbnb, we were all pretty exhausted and needed to shower and rest up before heading out to dinner. But it was the best kind of exhausted — the kind that comes after a great day full of doing fun, new things.

All in all, it was undoubtedly a major highlight of the trip. If you’re looking to see more of what Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands have to offer, definitely look into a snorkeling trip.

Where are some of your favorite places to snorkel. SCUBA or swim?

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