Exploring Condado

Our flight to Puerto Rico left first thing in the morning, and we spent the next 12 hours traveling to our final destination with a little layover in New York. 

We arrived around 9 pm and promptly caught a taxi to our Airbnb, which was located right downtown in the Condado area. It was only around the corner (less than a 10 minute walk) from the beach, and was right in the middle of all the action. Our little studio was perfect for the two of us, and we settled in quickly. 

That night we walked down to a Walgreens to pick up something for breakfast the next morning. Since we were both tired, we headed back to the apartment, finished settling in and turned in for the night around midnight. 

Our first full day was spent enjoying the area where our apartment was located. We spent the majority of the day at the famous Condado beach, where the water is warm and blue and the sun was hot. After setting up camp with some lounge chairs and an umbrella, I took a dip in the water for a while then took my turn watching our stuff while my mom did the same. 

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These mother/daughter trips are always a lot of fun for me. It's a time for us to catch up, bond and create some incredible memories together. Our first day, even though it was mostly spent at the beach, was so much fun. We got some fresh coconut water (in the coconuts, of course), tried some fruits I'd never seen before (quenepas de ponce) , and had lots of fun enjoying the warm water. Being from a landlocked state, it's always a treat when I get to see the ocean. 

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After spending a good 6 hours just reading, lounging and recovering from the long travel day before, we decided to head back to the apartment to change, freshen up and get ready for the evening. It's always a lot of fun trying to get all the sand off and out of your clothes - but I finally got (mostly) clean after a few tries! 

Before dinner we walked along the streets to see what our options were. Coming from a dessert, the amount of humidity had been pretty draining all day and I was personally just glad that it was finally starting to cool down. When I'm hot and sweaty, food doesn't usually sound all that appeals (I mostly live off drinks, fruit and ice cream), but I had been looking forward to trying some real Puerto Rican food and was grateful that real food was actually starting to sound appealing. 

Eventually we settled on trying out the Rope Vieja. I tried Puerto Rico's most famous dish, monfongo. It's basically mashed plantains and stewed meat or fish, and it was delicious! The meat was a little tangy, and it paired perfectly with the sweetness of the plantains. We also treated ourselves to a plate of mini empanadas that were fantastic, and plenty of Coke to keep cool. 


Once I was nice and full, we kept making our way along the streets for a little while to get an idea of the night life and to check out some shops. We eventually found a park that was just behind our apartment where there was an awesome outdoor gym area. There were people working out (at 11 pm) and an outdoor yoga session going on. We sat and watched and just enjoyed the slightly cooler, slightly less sticky evening. 

All in all, day one was just a chill beach day, which I think we all need once in a while. The next day, however, was full of adventures. Stay tuned for Puerto Rico day two! 


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