4 Things To Organize Your Packing

Nothing stresses me out more than opening up my bag and having to dig and dig and dig to find just one thing. Ask my husband and he'll roll his eyes and tell you just how much I enjoy organizing things. I like to know where things are, and that personality trait doesn't leave when I start packing. If anything, it becomes more of an obsession. 

Having an organized pack will make your trip go smoothly because you always know where your stuff is and you can access it quickly. I find that when things are organized in my suitcase, then I feel more prepared and organized myself. I don't have to worry about the mess in my bag or trying to find one certain item when I need it - I know where things are and that brings a lot of peace of mind. 

Here are a few things I've found help me achieve optimal luggage organization! 

Shoe Covers

These things are so handy for keeping the other items in your luggage clean and free of that well-worn shoe smell. 

Shoe covers keep the dirt on your shoes from transferring onto everything they touch, and it makes organizing a little bit easier. They are light and don't add any bulk to your packing, plus it makes it easier to keep both shoes together, which is something I've actually had a problem with in the past. 

You can usually buy a pack of these for pretty cheap, but if you don't want to buy shoe covers, using plastic bags or the shoe bags that sometimes come with other shoes you buy is what I've done in the past. 


Cord Organizer 

In today's world filled with so many different gadgets and devices that all need chargers, it's not hard to open your backpack and find a giant mess of cords and battery packs. Having to take the time to untangle everything is tedious and annoying, and also lets people know that you're carrying a lot of valuable electronics with you. 

There are a lot of tips about how to organize your cords, and I've tried quite a few. Cord tacos, twist ties, rubber bands....you name it. I finally found one thing that does it all for me though, and that's an actual cord organizer pouch. One of my favorites is the Jansport Digital Burrito, although it makes me hungry every time I look at it. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of different cord organizing pouch options out there. Find one that works for you and you won't ever have to worry about digging through your bag for one specific cord only to find it entangled with about four others. 


Packing Cubes 

I've talked about these a few times, but I stand by the belief that they make packing so much easier. Not only does it compartmentalize things physically, but it helps to organize things in your mind as well. Everything has a place and you know where it is, and that brings a lot of piece of mind so that you can worry about more important things like...experiencing a new country instead of trying to find that one top you're pretty sure you brought. 

Packing cubes are a lifesaver. You can fit more (if you need to), stay organized, and it makes it so much easier to be on the go. Most travelers I know will also recommend them, so you don't just have to take my word for it. There are also several different types of packing cubes from different brands. If you're unsure if they'll work for you, grab a couple sets and see which you like best. I've been loving the Shacke Pak cubes lately, but also really like the Eagle Creek compression cubes for longer trips where I need to use space even more efficiently. 


Laundry Bag

I cringe when I think about all the trips I used to take where I would just cram my dirty laundry back in my suitcase along with everything else. There are plenty of people who are fine with that, but the thought of my dirty underwear next to all my clean ones? Not so great. 

Bring a laundry bag to keep the clean separate from the dirty, and to make washing days a whole lot easier. You won't have to sort through your suitcase looking for the dirty stuff. Instead, it's all ready to go. The same goes for when you make it back home; just dump the contents of your laundry bag (and maybe the laundry bag itself) into the wash and you're good to go. I like to making unpacking as easy as possible, and a laundry bag helps do just that. 

If you don't want to get a laundry bag just for travel, bring and extra packing cube or one of the many plastic bags from a grocery store trip to use instead. The Shacke Pak packing cubes I talked about earlier also come with a laundry bag, so keep an eye out for bonus items like that whenever you're shopping for travel gear!


Storage Pouches 

So we've talked about clothes, laundry and electronics. What about...everything else? Pens, journals, headphones and all those little things that - if you're like me - you typically end up stuffing in at the last minute. Those need a way to be organized as well, and that's where your handy dandy travel travel pouches come in handy! 

You can find little pouches just about anywhere, they don't have to come from a travel store. I have a leather one that I love from FashionABLE that I use to keep all my writing utensils in since I always bring a journal with me. Pouches come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be used to keep all the little loose things that just get tossed and jumbled around. 

They definitely come in handy, and I've used them for everything from metro cards and guide books to makeup. Pouches also make it so much easier to transfer things to your day bay. Just pick up the ones with the things you need, toss 'em in and you're set for the day.


Keeping things organized while you're abroad is possibly even more important than being organized while you're at home. Taking the time to find things that work for me and to make sure everything is well organized before I leave has made my trips go a lot more smoothly. I love being able to change plans on the fly and be ready to go in a heartbeat because of these things that make it so easy. 

There are a lot of ways to pack, and everyone has something different that works for them. No matter how you pack, though, it's important to find an organizational system that works for you. These are just a few items I've found that help me get things packed quickly and efficiently.

I'm also open to trying new things, so let me know your best packing tips! 


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