What I'm Packing for Puerto Rico

When I decided to go to Puerto Rico, I wasn't too worried about packing since I've been to the Caribbean before for my honeymoon and figured that it would probably be hot and humid. After checking a few weather reports, it appears that I'm right. Thankfully, it looks like we'll have a few partly cloudy days which will be nice for exploring. 

Even though I'll only be gone for a week, there are a wide variety of activities that I had to be prepared for. We're staying mostly in San Juan, but also have a night on Vieques to go to a bioluminescent bay experience, and we've also got hikes and dancing planned. Add in your normal sight-seeing and some serious beach time, and I've got to have a good number of bases covered. 

My plan for this trip was to pack as light as possible with versatile items, but also to have a few fun things for nights out since this is just supposed to be a fun, mostly relaxing trip. 

The weather is looking to be mostly sunny, a few partly cloudy days with temperatures in the high 80s and humidity around 75%. Whew.  

The Suitcase

I've got two bags with me on this trip - my camera case and my carry on sized luggage. 

My camera backpack is almost as tall as my suitcase, but definitely not as thick. It's the Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II, and it's awesome. There's a separate laptop / tablet compartment, a space for your snacks, books and travel documents, a key leash, and quick side-access to your camera, which will be a lifesaver with the new TSA electronics regulations (why am I not a TSA pre-check member already?). 

As for my luggage, I'm using a rolling High Sierra Evanston Carry On. I like most everything about it, except that it doesn't have any compression straps on the inside to keep things from moving around. Other than that, it's got everything I need from a small carry on. I picked this up on sale and find it a great piece of luggage for carrying around if you don't want to do a backpack. 

I'm not using a backpack since I've got my big camera backpack, and because this trip won't require us moving from place to place a lot. 



Inside the main compartment of the suitcase I'm using my favorite packing cubes from Shacke Pak.  I'm using the large size for all my clothes, and then I've got the small size that has all of my swimwear in it. Not shown are one of the slim packing cubes being used for all my undergarments - something nobody wants / needs to see. 



For this trip I decided to bring three swimsuits. Normally I'd probably just stick with two, but I brought one athletic one that I can wear underneath my hiking clothes since we're planning on visiting some waterfalls / swimming pools that you hike to. 

The navy swimsuit is from J Crew, the blue tankini is an old one from Target, and I found the black one with colorful stripes on Amazon last year. I can't find the black one now, but here's a similar style

I'm also bringing two cover-ups. A dress style and a pair of shorts I can throw on with a t-shirt. I decided to bring two since there will be a couple water-based activities where a dress coverup isn't ideal. The dress is so old that I have no idea where it's from, but the shorts are from Everlane. 



This photo doesn't show all the clothes, but in total here's what I've got packed into one large packing cube: 

  • 2 Dresses
  • 2 Skirts, one long and one short
  • 4 T shirts
  • 1 athletic top
  • 1 pair of denim shorts
  • 1 pair of athletic shorts
  • 1 set of pajamas 

I wanted to bring things that would mix and match, and that were all light, breathable fabrics. I also have a pair of athletic clothes for hiking. 



These things aren't in my packing cubes, but are in the mesh zippered side of the suitcase, or are things that I'll be wearing on the plane. 

  • A pair of Teva slides
  • A pair of black Chacos for hiking
  • A small First Aid kit 
  • My Ray-Ban's 
  • A big beach tote so I don't have to bring the backpack everywhere 
  • A turkish towel 
  • A Glossier pink pouch with basic toiletries (not pictured)
  • A TSA approved bag with any liquids (not pictured)
  • The Shacke Pak laundry bag (not pictured)

Camera Gear / Camera Bag

PR Packing (1 of 8).JPG

Here's what's in my camera backpack (which will also be under my airplane seat) for Puerto Rico: 

  • Nikon D750 with 24-70mm lens attached 
  • 16-35mm lens
  • 2 Books for the plane / beach 
  • Headphones
  • Iphone
  • Journal
  • Pens
  • Wallet and travel documents

I'm so excited for this little trip - I've never been to Puerto Rico and we've got some really fun things planned. I'm also SO ready to wind down a little bit before the craziness of fall and winter starts. 

What do you pack for hot, humid countries? Anything you think I'm missing? 


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