The Best Airbnbs in Iceland

One of the best things about modern travel is that you're not restricted to conventional accommodations. From hostels and couch surfing to renting a whole home or villa, there are a lot more options than there used to be. 

Like a lot of other travelers, I've become a huge fan of Airbnb. Although I've heard of some bad experiences (mostly a place not being as advertised), I've never had a negative stay myself and have always had fast and reliable communication with Airbnb's customer service. Staying somewhere unique, having the ability to cook your own food if needed, and feeling more at home than you ever could in a hotel are just some of the reasons I tell everyone it's the best way to find a place to stay. 

A huge draw to visiting Iceland is to see the landscape. Most major hotels are located around Reykjavik, which makes it hard to get out and see a lot of the country. The ones that aren't? Well, they tend to be a little pricey since they know they're pretty much the only hotel options outside the major population areas. 

In order to stay somewhere away from the city and get a great deal, Airbnb is a fantastic route to go. Here are some of my favorites throughout the gorgeous, rugged country of Iceland! 

This amazing modern apartment

The views and seclusion (while still only being 10 minutes away from a city with grocery stores, etc.) are what make this place so convenient and special.  


This home next to a famous mountain: 

You want to see some of the most popular sights? You can't get much closer than this, friends. 


How about this beautiful old farmhouse? 

It's close to pretty much everything (including the one and only Eyjafjallajökull) and is full of history. I love the attic bedroom! To be honest, this place is number one on my list for the next time I'm in the country! 


Want to be in Reykjavik? You can't beat this adorable, central spot!

The vintage vibes and abundance of natural light make this place a great combination of location and style. 


This modern place that makes a stunning statement:

A private road, beautiful exterior and interior, and a perfect place to see the northern lights? I'm sold. 


This place that oozes unique: 

It's close to Geysir, looks incredible, and is sure to impress anyone who stays there. Perfect for a family getaway! 


This 'Piece of Heaven' is aptly named: 

Surrounded by beautiful open land and wildlife, an interior full of charm, and basically everything you'd want from a trip to Iceland. 


Up for something different? Try staying in a pod! 

It's cost efficient, a cool experience, and the best way to go if you're going to be adventuring all day and just need a place to stay!


This incredible mossy guesthouse: 

The traditional look of this gorgeous place makes it a winner in my book. Plus, it's on a farm full of beautiful views and adorable animals! 

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*All photos from Airbnb and their owners. 

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