An evening hike in Alesund

One of the best thing about getting to know or staying with locals while on a trip is that they get to show you their side of the are.

While in Alesund, Norway I was lucky enough to stay with someone who likes spending time outdoors. One on of my first nights there, she and a friend took me on a hike that appeared to only be known to locals (based on the logbook at the top) that was just behind her house. We were able to make it in time to see the sunset. During the entire hike we only ran into one or two people and we were the only ones at the top for the entire time we were there. 

It was, quite honestly, one of my favorite experiences to date. The weather was perfect and the scenery was breathtaking. I was pretty jealous of my new friends for having such a fantastic backyard!


I was NOT prepared for a last minute hike, as is evidenced by my inappropriate choice in footwear. However, it wasn't too hard and the view of my surroundings took away from any discomfort. It's definitely wasn't as bad as that one time I had to take a hike in heels....but more on that another time. 

The pictures from this evening are some of my favorites from any trip I've ever been on. They might not be the most incredible photos ever, but they bring back memories of a great evening with great people. Isn't that kind of the point of photographs to begin with? 

The name of the mountain we hiked is Blafjell. I don't know if there was a specific trail name or even exactly where the trail starts since we had to take a weird roundabout way, but I would say that trying to find it and check it out might be a fun idea if you have the time!