Current Skincare Favorites

If you've been following me along on Twitter, you'll know that life has been a little (a lot) intense for me lately. Not only am I trudging my way through a relentless semester, but trying to balance all that work and the rest of my life has become increasingly difficult over the last week or so. 

Without trying to sound like your average reality show sob story, I've suddenly found myself without insurance. I also learned that my mother needs neck surgery, but due to the lack of insurance for now, she will have to live in a lot of pain until it can be done. A few days ago I learned that a cousin of mine has been diagnosed with leukemia at the ripe old age of...27. She also has three kids. To top it off, I'm battling some kind of weird throat cold that won't go away. The reason this sucks is because I spend most of my days interviewing people, and not being able to talk has hindered me a lot. 

So with the life update aside, I wanted to talk about the one personal thing that I have been making a lot more time for lately - my skincare. I know. It's something that seems so basic and kind of "duh" in nature. You should always take care of your skin, right? I mean, it's not like it takes hours of sweat and constant dedication, like a workout plan. 

But I realized a little while ago that I hadn't changed how I take care of my skin since I was about 14 or 15. I was still doing just the most basic stuff, and sometimes not even doing that. The same cheap drugstore products that I used as a chubby teen surely can't be the best thing for my more adult and needy skin. 

I came to this realization that, if I wanted to have the dewey and fresh skin I'd always wanted, I should probably start taking care of myself a little better. 

So I decided to change things up. 

After a bit of research, some trial and error that involved throwing away more money than I'd like to admit, I've found some products that have actually changed my skin. I don't wake up in the morning anymore feeling dry or looking quite as dead. I don't go to bed feeling goopy or gross. And the best part? I feel good in my bare skin in the middle of winter, a feeling I usually only get after a week of straight sunshine and relaxation in the summer. 

The Body Shop - Oils of Life | Dermalogica -  Double Cleanse | Freeman - Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay | Skyn Iceland - Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

Skyn Iceland | Hydro Cool Firming Gels 

Let's start with the most enjoyable of these four products. These are one of the first things I've tried from Skyn Iceland after hearing a lot about them. From the products I have, these are my favorite and I've already repurchased them two or three times. 

These are the most relaxing, cooling, and refreshing under-eye gels I've ever tried. They feel so good against the skin, and are a great way to recover after days of early mornings and late nights - AKA every week of my life. 

I only use them once a week, and that is enough for me. They make me look a little more awake and get rid of the puffiness that tends to build under my eyes. Plus, they just feel really, really good. Like, "I could fall asleep with these on" good. 

Freeman | Apple Cider Vinegar 4-in-1 Foaming Clay 

This is the most budget friendly of my current favorites. At less than $5, it lasts for a long time and gets the job done. It might not be the most luxurious feeling product, and you have to be careful not to get it too close to your eyes, but it's definitely effective. 

I've tried a few of the Freeman masks and like all of them, but the Apple Cider Vinegar one makes my skin feel SO clean. It also brightens and freshens my skin in a way that few other masks I've ever tried do. 

You can also use this as a scrub or daily cleanser, which makes it a good option for an everyday go-to. Personally, I only use it as a mask and let it dry on my face once or twice a week, but I think that if you have less sensitive skin than I do, you might be able to get away with using it daily. 

Dermalogica | Double Cleanse 

For my everyday cleansing system I've been using this little duo from Dermalogica. I like that it comes in this travel size that makes it practical and portable for when I'm on the go. I've actually started looking forward to my skincare routine at the end of the day because I love how clean and fresh my skin feels without being too dry after I use this. 

You use the precleanse oil first to remove your makeup by rubbing it all over your face and adding a little water to make it froth up a bit. After that, you just wash up with the cleansing gel and you're done. It's really very simple, but it feels good and isn't a goopy formula that feels like it leaves a residue. 


The Body Shop | Oils of Life Revitalizing Facial Oil

This is hands down the best thing I've ever used on my face. I have pretty dry skin that soaks up moisture like a desert, and finding this facial oil has been the best thing to happen to my face in a very long time. 

Applying a few drops of this oil, massaging it into my skin, and then topping it off with a lightweight moisturizer makes my face softer than I thought it could ever be. Not just soft, but it smooths everything over, makes me look a little healthier, and leaves me with a fresh and dewy complexion that has made it possible for me to get away with less makeup on a daily basis. 

If you have oily skin, this might not be the best thing for you. If you have normal or dry skin, though, I can't recommend it enough. I hadn't heard of it before I tried it, but I knew that I like The Body Shop products I've used in the past. After having such great results with it, I looked it up and it appears to be some kind of cult favorite with those who've discovered it. In short, I'm a fan and plan on repurchasing it again. I would also love to try some of the other products from their Oils of Life line and see what that does for me.