Snapshots from Venice

Continuing on #Italylust from last time, I started thinking about Venice. 

I think that Venice can be kind of a love or hate kind of place, much like Paris, because it's also a very hit or miss location. Summer, as with most popular cities, is the most crowded time of year. It's also the time of year when the city can start to smell bad because of the heat and humidity mixed with the water. 

Personally, I had a great experience in Venice. I loved how quiet everything was, and how you kind of inevitably get lost in the winding streets and end up seeing more of the city. The food was great, and - as usual - I fell in love with the history of this ancient city. 

Italy. Part of my blood and piece of my heart. 

In other news, the last members of our group booked their flights today! Iceland here we come!