Iceland Prep

With a little less than two months until we take off for the Land of Fire and Ice, the hubs and I have started thinking about any gaps in our travel wardrobe and gear lists that need to be filled in order to be prepared for a smooth trip. 

Since we'll be gone for ten days, we decided to check one medium sized piece of luggage that we will both share. Basically, that means that we're packing light but, from what I've heard, we'll still have to be prepared for basically every type of weather. 

I've been thinking about how I'm going to pack my own things, and I've decided that layering will (hopefully) be the best way to go. My research says the weather can have a wide range during the time of year we'll be visiting, and I won't really know for sure what to plan for until it gets close enough that I can check the weather app religiously and make decisions. 

For now, though, here's a few items I've picked up for days filled with lots of walking, hiking and general outdoorsy-ness. 

Weatherproof Jacket 

Adidas |  Wandertag Jacke t | ($99) 

Adidas | Wandertag Jacket | ($99) 

While looking at Icelandic weather and the amount of time we would be spending outdoors, I realized two things: 

1. I don't own a jacket with a hood, and 

2. I don't own a waterproof jacket. 

With that in mind, and the full knowledge that I just wouldn't be able to carry an umbrella with my everywhere while also trying to balance a camera and walk around. I picked this up a few months ago, and at the time I had a hard time finding something more ethically made, but I felt like I would at least be getting decent quality and a lot of use out of this Adidas jacket. I've worn it a couple times and so far I like it, although the light mint color gets dirty very quickly and I kind of wish I'd gotten it in black, instead. 

Waterproof Boots 

G.H. Bass |  Eastport Duck Boot  | $130

G.H. Bass | Eastport Duck Boot | $130

Another thing I didn't own? Waterproof boots or shoes. Even though I walk a lot everyday, I rarely have to deal with rainy weather and have never really had the need to get any rain gear before. 

I decided that the best option would be some duck boots. They're waterproof, high enough to cover my ankles, and also have good traction on the bottom. They also take up less room than a tall pair of waterproof boots, which is good when it comes to packing space.

Athletic Tops

Since we're going to be spending most of the time outdoors and I also plan on some hiking, I wanted to have a suitcase that was as comfortable as possible, but would still be appropriate for the weather. I settled on a couple of athletic style tops that look great with leggings and jeans.

These tops are perfect because it cuts down on the amount of layering and pieces I'd need to bring. As mentioned, I'm trying to be as minimal as possible for this trip, and making sure that everything goes with everything has been key in the initial planning. 


Obviously this isn't a comprehensive list, and I do plan on doing a full "what I packed for Iceland" review at some point. I know I'm going to need a good pair of walking shoes as well as a swimsuit and a nicer top for the one or two nights where we go out to a nicer restaurant. I'm actually enjoying the process of forcing myself to pack lightly for once in my life! It may not be as light as some people can go, but so far it's significantly better than I've done before!