5 Reasons to have a Photobooth at your Next Event

When I was planning my wedding this time last year, I knew that I wanted the receptions guests to have something to do other than sit around. From my previous event experience, I knew that I always enjoyed using photobooths and I thought it would be a fun addition to our reception. I mean, who doesn't love getting their picture taken with some fun props? The whole experience is classic and enjoyable for all ages. 

After a lot of research, I decided on an open photobooth instead of your traditional "mall" photobooth because it was more interactive, could fit more people, and just easier for everyone in general. I booked it several months in advance (as you should do with all wedding things), and when the day came everything went smoothly. Every time I looked over at the photobooth setup, people were laughing and having a blast. I got a copy of every photo taken, and it was so fun to see all the guests having a good time.

If you follow me on Instagram or saw my last post, then you may have noticed that a few of these type of photobooth photos have been showing up. They've been pretty popular and I've gotten a few questions about where I got them, so I thought I would answer all those questions and tell you the benefits of hiring one of these booths for your next event!

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5 Reasons Your Next Event Needs A Photobooth

1. You Care About Your Guests Having A Good Time 

We've all been to a party or event that ended up just being a few hours of sitting, making a little small talk and heading home with what feels a little bit like a waste of an evening. Having a photobooth will eliminate the "bored face" from any event. 

Whether it's a wedding, company party, or a special event like a retirement or anniversary, you want everyone to remember it and have fun, right? Trust me, there's isn't anything quite like the fun of picking out some great props and goofing off in front of a camera!  

2. It Helps Everyone Relax and Have Fun 

One of the hardest parts about any event is making sure everyone is relaxed and able to enjoy themselves. People tend to be on their most formal behavior when showing up to an event, and nobody wants to stay at a party where the general feeling of the room is stiff and stuffy. 

Help your guests loosen up and smile a little more by giving them a place to let go! Striking a pose does wonders for your mood - trust me! 

3. Give Them Something To Remember

Custom templates and photo layouts? Yeah, that's pretty cool. 

Custom templates and photo layouts? Yeah, that's pretty cool. 

One of the best things about hiring MaskAura and many other photobooths is that you get a custom photo template as part of your package! That means you can put your logo, the name and date of the event, or a special message at the bottom of the photo strip that is printed out. Neat, eh? 

Not only do your friends get a copy of their fun photos to take home, but every time they look at that photo strip they'll remember your event for years to come. Now how's that for making an impression? 

4. Instant Gratification 

Face it: We live in a world where we want everything as quickly as possible. Fast food, fast phones, fast internet....you get the idea. But it can take weeks from photos from your event to arrive, and what are you supposed to show off in the meantime? 

The MaskAura photobooth prints your photo strips on the spot - and they come out complete dry! No need to do the little photo wave so the ink doesn't smudge, your instant print is instantly ready to be passed around and admired. 

Everyone will be happy with getting their pictures taken and then being able to check them out immediately. Plus, you'll get a copy of all photos that are professional, fun, and full of memories. 

OH! And you can share  your photos instantly from the booth. Just put in your social media handle or email, and you'll share it with your followers or get a copy emailed to you on the spot. Now that's instant. 

5. It Costs Less Than A Professional Photographer

So you want professional photos but aren't necessarily up to paying the huge price? I totally get it. I had a professional photographer for my wedding and absolutely loved her and all the shots she got. But it was definitely a hefty investment, and the expressions and personality the photobooth got are priceless. 

Having a photobooth is cost efficient (not to mention totally fun) way to get professional photos of everyone at your event. It's perfect for any party or event that you might have coming up! 

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And yes, that is me on the front page....how embarrassing.