Me in the living room, typing and listening to videos or classical music in the background. 

Kevin in the office, catching up on...well, video games if we're being honest. Which we are. 

Me with a mug of tea or hot chocolate in hand. Sometimes water or lemonade if it's hot out. 

Kevin with juice. Always juice. 

Me reading books, usually a nice thick one that was originally published at least 100 years ago. 

Kevin reading...nothing. Maybe a pamphlet or news articles. He's more of a facts guy. 

Me listening to jazz or classical music, and a little folk if I'm feeling artsy. 

Both of us, talking and talking and laughing a lot. 

More laughing. More talking. 

Me stealing the comforter. 

Kevin stealing the sheets, maybe stealing a kiss. 

Both of us, falling asleep.