Autumn Color Palette and Wish List

This week has been absolutely insane. I've had appointments, work, classes, and phone calls all back to back and I realized that I'd even forgotten to eat the other day. On top of that, my camera has mysteriously stopped working and I'm still trying to get the hang of both of my new jobs. It's been really stressful, but somehow I have been able to complete all my daily checklists, and I could not be more ready for this weekend. 

It's also been raining for two days straight. I'm not complaining since this is the sort of weather I actually tend to enjoy, and it's given me the perfect excuse to stay in and figure out how I'm going to be dressing for this Fall. 

The Goal

I've been working on streamlining my wardrobe and avoiding buying things that don't fit in my overall aesthetic, and on making sure I buy with real intention, knowing that what I invest in will get used often and for years, not just months. 

The Approach

Create a color palette and stick to it. I won't buy anything that doesn't fit with the colors I've picked in an effort to make sure everything works together. 

The Palette

The Wish List

I have a few items I'm hoping to add to my wardrobe in the next few months. I've looked at what I already have and know that each of these things will be able to get a lot of use and will help to add to the overall cohesiveness of the more streamlined look I'm going for. 

Here are the pieces I've been looking at: 

L.L. Bean Fisherman Sweater

I've been eyeing this for a while, but the weather was way too scorching to even consider thinking about a sweater. Now that the weather is cooling off, I've started thinking about it more and I'm positive that I would wear it constantly over the next few months. I'm drawn to white / cream sweaters, and I love the East Coast preppy but rustic vibe this sweater has. 

Nisolo Harper Chukka Boot in Noir

Last year I bought these boots in Brandy, and they have honestly become my go-to shoe. I've had to force myself to wear some of my many other pairs of shoes because these boots are just the most comfortable, stylish, and best boots I own. Hands down. The leather ages beautifully and even looks good a little scuffed up - I'm clumsy. 

Tradlands Boulder Flannel Shirt

I've mentioned before how much I like Tradlands, and this flannel from their Fall collection this year is something I was immediately attracted to. I haven't really seen the colors of it before, and even though it's not the sort of thing that I'm typically attracted to, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I also really like The Aki, which is also a little different from what I normally like, but I'm really into that mustard color (despite it not being in my color palette....). 

Levis 501 Jeans or Brass Ponte Pants

I'm still not 100% on either of these. I know I like the "mom jeans" type look that the 501s give since I played with the style earlier this year. I liked the jeans, wasn't a fan of the wash I got though. This darker color would probably see a lot more use in my closet, but I'm still not sure if I'm really brave enough to rock them. 

The Ponte Pants, on the other hand, I'm sure I would love. Again, it's more a matter of bravery. Although I love my skinny jeans, wearing more fitting materials is always a little scary for me. I've heard nothing but good things about these pants, though, and I love that they would fit in perfectly with my business casual wardrobe but can also be dressed down for a comfy look. 

I've never tried anything from Brass before, but I've been looking at their site for a little over a month now and like everything I see. 

There aren't that many things I want, but none of them are super cheap for me and my student / part-time job budget. Even though these are the specific items I'm interested in, it's more of the style I'm looking for. 

I plan on scouting out some thrift stores and places like Poshmark before I bite the bullet and buy the brand-new full priced version. 


P.S. My camera is broken, but being looked at. *sad face* Hopefully I'll be able to actually have my own pictures again soon!