In the Winter the mountains are covered in white with just a few evergreens peaking out every now and then. There isn't anything quite like spending the day in the snow and coming in to a roaring fire, a hot cup of something, and an oversized turtleneck. I often find myself looking at them and thinking that this must be when they are the most beautiful. 

In the Spring the snow starts to melt, leaving just the tops capped off in white. The smallest signs of greenery and life can be seen popping up among all the brown. I have taken many pictures of this scene, with the sky as blue as can be looking vibrant against the whitecaps, and thought that Spring must definitely be the best time of year to appreciate the mountains. 

Throughout the Summer months the mountains are GREEN. So green. Full of life and adventure and the perfect spot for seeing the stunning sunrises and sunsets in the valley. They are the place of picnics, jumping in the river, hiking, camping, and everything that defines the season. Sometimes I would stare at them through my window and tell myself that I loved summer because seeing the mountains covered in green made everything so beautiful. 

Fall comes and the green turns to fiery reds, rust, golds, and caramel shades. The relentless heat of the desert summer is replaced with the a cool tinge in the air that is not only refreshing, but revitalizing. Weekends are spent driving through the canyons and looking at the changing colors, and in the mornings I can wear things from my favorite section of my wardrobe. The color palette of the world changes into warm tones that counteract the cool air. I always think to myself that there is no better time to spend in the mountains than during the Fall. 

After all this, I'm forced to conclude that the best place to be is by the mountains and the trees - no matter what time of year.