A Gift Guide for Bibliophiles

I found myself browsing stores and online shops for a new bookshelf today. I already have a few, but they're all a little full now. It seems that no matter how well I organize or plan to leave extra space for new books, everything starts to overflow far too soon. 

I've always been a big reader, and book-related gifts are some of my favorite type of gifts. Of course, I'm the type that gets thrilled with a gift card to the local bookstore, but there are so many great, unique gifts for bibliophiles that I would love to give and receive.

Here are a few that I've picked out this year! 

My two favorite things from this round up are definitely the scratch-off poster and the ampersand necklace. 

I've always liked the scratch-off travel posters that you see, but those take a lot longer and a lot more money to complete (for me, at least). But books? I can do books. Plus, is there anything as satisfying as checking something off a list? This poster gives a great visual of the check list and makes it at least 10x more fun. 

As for the necklace, I've always been a pretty minimalist person when it comes to jewelry, so it only made sense that I loved the combination of wordsmith and style. Simple, clean, and just a little touch of personality. That's just how I like it. 

Personally, I've still got way too much of my Christmas shopping to do. I'm hoping to catch up next week after finals, but it's still a little overwhelming when I think about it. I love shopping for others, but shopping for Christmas is always an adventure. Although Kevin is mostly taken care of, he's basically the only one. Every other family member and friend still needs to be taken care of. I get a small headache just thinking about it! 

It's okay, though, because after next Tuesday all will be well. We've got some parties, the Rogue One premiere, and lots of time to just enjoy the season. Finally!