Visiting A Winter Wonderland

About 20 minutes away from our apartment is a place called Thanksgiving Point. It's a culmination of shops, museums, gardens, and even a massive movie theater. They always fun activities throughout the year, and it's a fun place for families as well as a couple on date night. This year they opened up a new holiday attraction, Luminaria. Basically, they took the acres that serve as the gardens in the spring and summer and turned it into an amazing winter wonderland filled with gorgeous light displays. It's about a mile walk through the whole thing, but it can take up to two hours of walking through to really enjoy everything. 

Kevin and I have been wanting to go for the last few weeks, but when we finally tried we were stopped by a huge rainstorm that was actually turning off some of the lights. We decided to come back and try another night. We ended up going last night after I finished with work, and the whole experience was truly incredible. I was somewhat skeptical because, honestly, how interesting can you make lights? But it wasn't walking through and seeing some lights - it was a truly unique and immersive experience that felt a bit like a different world. I loved it, and we had the best luck since it was the middle of the week and there weren't many people there. It was also one of the warmer nights we've had recently (a big storm is on its way, so the last couple days have warmed up a few degrees), and it was definitely worth the price. 

I was worried that I wouldn't get any decent pictures since it was so dark, but I decided to snap away anyway and see what I got. I was just grateful to finally have my camera working again! 

I think some of the shots didn't turn out too bad, although they still can't truly capture how fun the whole experience was.

The path lead through places like 'Candy Cane Lane' and the 'Blossoms of Light.' There were places to sit, heaters to warm up by, and lots of stands selling warm drinks and treats. You can even rent a fire pit to make s'mores by! 

I can't imagine the work that went into creating this event. I've seen the gardens during the annual tulip festival, and they've managed to completely transform it. 

And the other thing that makes it so fun? They have Christmas music playing the whole time ! Each element has a few different songs that go with the theme, and it created the perfect holiday ambiance.  

The reindeer were one of my favorite parts, hands down. When I saw them I immediately told Kevin that we had to get there as soon as possible. 

When we were passing the little reindeer statues, I jokingly asked Kevin to go and hug one of them - AND HE DID. Don't worry, he likes the picture just as much as I do. 

Thanks for coming on this little adventure with us! Even though it's insanely hectic, this is my favorite time of year because of things like this. The rest of the winter can seem so dark and dreary, but adding a little light (no pun intended) here and there makes it all bearable. 

If you're in the Utah area, you need to go check it out. Make it a night! You won't regret it.  

Phone pictures!