Weekend Pictures

Kevin's work had a Dia de los Muertos party and it was so much fun. We stood in line forever just to get half the face painted, but there were lots of great food trucks and activities. It's definitely getting to be party season!

Night at the opera seeing La Boheme! I love beautiful music and talented people - this was a great combination of both. It was also Kevin's first opera experience, and I think it's safe to say he wouldn't hate going again. Maybe not his favorite thing, but not his least favorite either, and that's about the best I can hope for! 

I spent part of Friday and Saturday helping out at the Pinner's Conference in Salt Lake. I'd never been before - didn't seem like my thing AT ALL - but I actually had a really good time, and there were so many interesting vendors and fun classes. I would recommend checking it out if it's ever in your area! 

Kevin was a sweetheart and woke up early with me on Saturday to drive me the hour-long trip to the conference. He waited for me while I was helping out and then we went out to one of my favorite places for lunch. I had this massive rasperry and roasted chicken salad, and he went for one of his favorite meals, coconut chicken curry. He eats a lot of curry. 

This weekend was tough. Not only was it busy, but I received some sad news a few times. The father of an old friend passed away, and a neighbor of mine who is a single mother was diagnosed with cancer. Although these things do not affect me directly, my heart always empathizes and breaks a little when I hear of devastating news. 

I often have to remind myself to look at my life and remember how blessed I am. How lucky I am. Although hard things have happened to me and I've had my share of rough periods, but I have so much. I have a loving, humble husband. I have an apartment that is in a safe area and is a lot better than many other young couples. My jobs involve doing things I love, plus I get to sit on the couch and watch Netflix while doing them. 

Even though I am busier than I would like to be, more stressed than I should be, and a little fatter than I feel comfortable with, my life is still about 900000x more amazing than about 95% of people in the world could even dream of. 

While it is important to remember that your trials and difficulties are just as valid as anyone else's, I think it's also important to remember to look at your life once in a while, breathe, and be reminded that it could always be worse. 

We're capable of handling more than we think. We know more than we think and are stronger than we tell ourselves. We can give more than we do. We can love without getting hurt. We can continue to hope and shine bright in the deepest darkness. We can all help each other out in this beautiful, colorful journey that is life. 

Whenever I go to write something online, I feel like I have to always appear happy. My life has to be full of fun events, pretty people, and a wide variety of places. The reality is that I've been grumpy and tired all weekend due to running around and having to constantly smile and socialize with people. I get very anxious in social situations and have never been a big fan of days full of event after event. Even though it's my real life, it doesn't feel nearly good enough to tell other people about. It's all about the highlights, or creating the highlights that are good enough to tell others about. It sounds even more depressing saying it out loud. Why don't I feel like my life, that I am extremely blessed and happy with, is good enough for others? Why do I care what anybody else might think, anyway? 

So here's to a full life full of love, loss, being content with what you have, and giving to those that need it as much as possible.