Personal Holiday Wishlist

Last time I shared a compilation of gifts that I think would be great to give to others. Today, I decided that it would be fun to round up a few gifts that I would be thrilled to receive! 

Winter is really the only time of year I ever get to compile any sort of wishlist that has a chance of of being fulfilled by someone other than just myself. Not only is it Christmas, but my birthday is exactly a month later. 

That being said, there isn't a whole lot that I really want. Mostly small things that I don't mind buying for myself if needed. My husband always says that he needs guidance when it comes to getting me things, but I like to be surprised rather than just expect everything I make a list for. 

Here's a few things I've been eyeing for myself for Christmas and my upcoming birthday. 

Backpack | London Ring Dish | Tote | Sandals (sandals in winter? I know, but hey, never too early to prep for spring!) | Leather Tote | Circle Earrings | Letter Board | Beanie | Journal | Turtleneck | V Necklace | Watch

I've obviously been on the lookout for a new bag...or two. It's probably all the trip planning that I've been doing recently. My go-to travel bags are about ready to bite the dust and aren't likely to survive another overseas trip. I used to think I wasn't a tote type of person, but I used one the other day to carry around my gym clothes along with my computer and loved how much easier it was that trying to stuff a backpack and haul it all around that way. Now I definitely want a tote I can use pretty regularly since I always seem to have a need for more room. 

I also really love the white journal that I found. I like the fact that it zips up since I typically stick little mementos and notes in my journal that might fall out. I'm not too picky about my journals, but I do like them to last and not be too large since I always take it on trips. 

As I mentioned previously, none of these are things that I wasn't thinking about getting myself anyway. I love the look of the letter board and my husband agrees that it would look great on an empty wall I've been trying to fill. I'm trying not to spend so much money and go on a bit of a spending ban. I've done it before, but I've having a hard time getting started this time around. I think the biggest problem is that, while I know there are really one one or two gaps I need , I work from home and continually find myself browsing for stuff I want when things are slow. It's a recent issue that I'm trying to overcome. I've been reading about a couple other bloggers trying to do the same thing, and that's given me a lot of hope and ideas for how to do it myself. (I'm always up for more motivation and tips, so send it my way if you have anything! ) 

That's all for now. I decided to also start a bibliophile gift guide to go up next week because I couldn't narrow it all down to just one or two ideas! I'm such a nerd.