Holiday Gift Guide

What a crazy start to the holidays it has been! The last week or two has had me flying all over the state, eating lots some days and only once on others, and staying up later than a grandma-type like me is used to. I consistently feel like it's hours later than it should be, but the days have just become about 5 hours shorter. 

I'm now in the last push before a three week break. As one of the few people I know still living that student life, each semester seems like less of a race and more of a grueling crawl to the finish. But, thankfully, I have a few things to look forward to. One of those things are all my favorite traditions that take place around this time of year. 

I love shopping for others and trying to find that perfect gift. One of my goals this year is to be less selfish, and worrying less about what I want as far as it comes to gifts is one way I've been trying to do that this season. Sometimes I can get too caught up in my own wishlist, but it's so much more wonderful to shop for others and try and nail that perfect gift that they didn't even know they wanted. Since it's my first Christmas being married, the fact I get to spoil my husband - even just a little bit - makes me very, very happy. 

With all that being said, here are a few things I'm eyeing for the people around me. Whether it's a husband, friend, or a neighbor, I've tried to gather a wide variety of gifts and ideas that will have something for everyone. 

Savannah's Holiday Gift Guide 2016

When I'm shopping for others, I always set a budget for what I can spend. I try and tailor that budget depending on what sort of thing I'm looking for, and who I'm buying for. As I mentioned a little bit before, I like being able to spoil people who are special to me once in a while.

I think that buying gifts for others is so fun because you get to find something special that they maybe normally wouldn't spend the money on for themselves. I'm definitely more of a fun gift giver rather than a practical one (although I'd never say no to a new pair of fun socks myself). 

Well folks, there you have it. For now. I'll probably be adding a few more things, but I think that this is plenty for a starting point. I always love looking at other blogger's gift guides because it gives me ideas of what to give others, and maybe even a few things I'd love for myself. 

On another note, it's been snowing since last night. I cleaned off my car this morning, left it parked for 2 hours and came back to find another inch or two already covering the whole thing. Winter has definitely arrived! I'll just be here with my books, hot chocolate, and some records playing to keep me company for the next four months.