Embracing Neutral

Me in black. Always black. Also, we were all crying when this was taken, so forgive the watery eyes. 

Me in black. Always black. Also, we were all crying when this was taken, so forgive the watery eyes. 

I was extremely frustrated and depressed after the debate last night, and so I decided to write about something completely unrelated in order to calm myself down. 

For the first few years of high school, my wardrobe was pretty predictable. I liked black, white, grey, and the occasional navy or brown. But mostly black and grey. I quickly garnered this reputation for being boring and "depressing," as many of my friends put it. 

What can I say? I liked the basics even way back then. 

For the most part, I could handle the teasing perfectly well. But after a while my young and impressionable mind also began to see myself as boring. I got it into my head that I needed to own the rainbow - every color had to be in my closet because heaven forbid someone look at me and think of me as boring. 

Flash forward to a few years later when I was staring at my closet every day and basically picking out the same things. Even though I would still pull out the colors, I felt flashy and...distracted. I didn't always feel comfortable in what I was wearing because I didn't feel like myself. I was wearing a lot of things just because I felt like I had to, not because I really liked them. 

All black, all the time.

All black, all the time.

So a little over a year ago now, I decided to give up on the wardrobe that was overcrowded and not working for me, and instead work on getting rid of things and investing in things that I really liked and that would last me a lot longer. ...

It hasn't been super easy. 

I've sold a lot online, donated things, but there's still a lot more I could probably do. But overall, I have a lot better sense of my own style. I lean toward classic cuts, clean shapes and patterns, and whole lot of black and gray. It's not perfect - but it's getting there. With each new piece I add I realize just how much more the right pair of shoes or leather jacket can make me feel. 

I don't regret those other years, though. I learned a few things by breaking out of my comfort zone for so long. I learned a lot about what I don't like - certain fabrics, cuts, and colors - and I also learned about some things that I do. I learned that I do like some color, and I like being able to mix certain styles. 

Even though it's a very physical and outward manifestation of it, I think personal style is a part of self confidence. Knowing what you like and being comfortable is a big help in clearing out confusion. When you know who you are, you aren't easily swayed into believing things just because they're popular or because someone told you that you should. 

Personally, I'm still figuring out just who I am when it comes to personal style. People tell me that I have a distinct look, but I haven't really come up with a description for it. 

I consider myself "genre" of blogging to be along the lifestyle category. I kind of write about whatever I fancy. Travel, food, relationships, general thoughts, and even clothes and style sometimes. 

A little less black, but still loving those neutrals!

A little less black, but still loving those neutrals!

It's been a tough week. Emotionally, physically, and mentally I am completely drained. It took so much energy for me to speak in any meetings today, and I pretty much collapsed when I came home. After weeks like that, it feels good to just have a little fun writing about something I find fun.