Sunday Reads

I've always been a butternut squash person, but I'm getting ready to try out spaghetti squash with this recipe!

The Double Duty series that Seasons and Salt introduced this week is exactly how I feel about my closet. I need most every item to work in multiple situations and it's something I consciously think about and consider before I add anything these days. 

I made these muffins this week, and they were so good. Perfect for quick breakfasts - the only kind I have time for. 

Kev and I are trying to save for some bigger things coming up (Christmas, birthdays, and hopefully a vacation), so in the meantime we're all over cheap and fun date ideas like these. 

With the need to expand my professional wardrobe right around the corner, this capsule is a great starting point of inspiration for me. 

Good luck in the upcoming week!