Weekend in Pictures

After three weeks of nonstop jam packed weekends, this was the first one in a while where we didn't have any previous commitments. It was just the two of us, just the way we like it. There was a lot of sleeping in and just hanging out. I knitted and caught up on blogs, and we went out occasionally to just bum around and pick up a few things here and there. 

All in all, a pretty great weekend, actually. This upcoming one will be much busier, don't worry. 

We got the pictures back that we took with Kevin's family a few weeks ago! 

We spent the majority of Saturday inside, but had fun when we went out for sushi that night! I also dragged Kevin to Nordstrom Rack with me to pick up some socks. I always need socks. 

We have a busy week and a weekend full of Fall activities planned! Next weekend is looking pretty busy already, too. I guess it's just that time of year again. It's okay though because I'm really digging the cooler weather and all the tea I get to drink and all the baking I get to do!