Sunday Reading

A roundup of some of my favorite finds this week.

This caramel apple sheet cake is amazingly delicious. 

I've been getting lots of inspiration from Style Bee's Fall 10x10, and it makes me want to try one myself. 

Hoping to try out these boot cuffs soon! 

Also love, love, love this scarf and need to make it immediately. I've been wanting to add a really thick winter scarf to my wardrobe this year since I'm always freezing with just my lighter weight Fall and Spring ones, and I like the idea of making my own instead of just buying one. I need to get started fast, though. 

The search for my new coat continues, but this one is a contender. I've also been wanting to get a new black winter coat for about a year now. I had my last one for years, but it's basically torn to shreds now. The lining is all ripped and worn, and it's just not warm enough for the single or below zero temperatures we usually get here. 

My one beauty vice is getting my nails done. I can't always go regularly, but I have one place I love that isn't crazy expensive, but isn't terribly cheap either. This article about the ethics of getting your nails done is an insight into what it really means to get a cheap manicure, which is something I definitely didn't think about when I first started going. 

"The $10 manicure is the equivalent of supermarket sushi or high-fashion knockoffs at H&M: It only feels luxurious until you consider what you’ve really purchased."

The world is pretty frightening right now. Here's a reminder about the power of hope.