Savannah (Ius) Hopkinson

Photojournalist / Writer

  Savannah Hopkinson / 801-362-0184 / / @savannahmhops

Savannah Hopkinson / 801-362-0184 / / @savannahmhops




The Daily Universe - Provo, UT


July 2017 - Present

As a photographer for The Daily Universe, my responsibilities center around providing visuals for a variety of beats and different reporters including, but not limited to, sports, life, campus, politics and metro stories. Portfolio of photos available upon request. 

Major responsibilities: 

  • Capture accurate photographs for news stories
  • Create original photo story ideas
  • Work scheduled hours as well as appear at events outside of hours when necessary 
  • Edit and organize photos using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop 

Site manager intern

More Good Foundation - Orem, UT

May - August 2017

As a site manager I was responsible for creating content for both Famous Mormons and Mormon Music as well as handling site design and running the various social media accounts for each site. 

Major responsibilities:

  • Create consistent articles and content for Famous Mormons and Mormon Music 
  • Report on news stories relevant to the target audience
  • Schedule posts for social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook 
  • Review and analyze social media analytics on a weekly basis 
  • Organize appearance of Famous Mormons website


Kennedy Marketing Group - San Clemente, CA

August 2016 - July 2017

The role of a proofer involves thoroughly checking and re-checking marketing materials for car dealerships around the country and requesting revisions all while working on tight deadlines in order to meet drop dates.  

Major responsibilities: 

  • View and proof each round of marketing materials checking for grammatical and factual errors
  • Review phone numbers, names, addresses and website information for accuracy
  • Respond to each proof with necessary revisions or sign off
  • Give approval for final printing and mailing of marketing materials

Writing Assistant

Design Dazzle - Alpine, UT

August 2016 - September 2017

While working as a writing assistant,  a variety of different jobs and tasks were assigned and handled. Some of these jobs include writing and researching for a wide variety of blog posts, creating and managing the weekly newsletter and subscribers and handling some of the editing and resizing of photographs to meet site size requirements. 

Major responsibilities: 

  • Write articles and posts covering topics such as travel, home decor, health and crafts
  • Compose and manage the sending of weekly newsletters to subscribers
  • Handle the sorting and management of email subscribers
  • Edit and resize photos and media to fit within the website requirements





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