About Me


Hi, there! My name is Savannah

I was always the weird one growing up. 

My mom is Filipino, my dad Italian, and I was born in Canada. We moved to the states and I looked a little different, sounded a little different (eh) and ate a lot of weird food.  I’ve always loved travel and sharing insights from my adventures.

I’m married to Kevin. He's my best friend and my favorite person. You might hear about him from time to time (or a lot). 

I currently work as a journalist, where I’ve worked on various beats and even as a photographer. I’ve won local, regional and national awards from AP, SPJ and others for my work.

A little bit more about Savannah & Suitcase…

I’ve always been a traveler, and I started Savannah & Suitcase to have an outlet. I wanted a space that I could talk about the things that made me happy.

Spending my days talking about the news and depressing stories from all over the world had a pretty negative affect on my mental health, and travel has always been a way for me to recover from that. So I started this site and writing about my favorite places and experiences.

Travel has become more accessible than ever, and while that also comes with negative consequences like overtourism, that also means there are more experiences to have and communities to connect with.

So if you like travel, rambles and talking about your favorite tips and tricks, then this might be a place for you.


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