About Me


Hi, there! My name is Savannah

I was always the weird one growing up. 

My mom is Filipino, my dad Italian, and I was born in Canada. We moved to the states and I looked a little different, sounded a little different (eh) and ate a lot of weird food. I loved reading and writing and from an early age developed a love of the world - partially helped by my first visit to the Philippines when I was a toddler. 

I've kept that love of words and studied News Media with an emphasis in print media in school. Stories of others fascinate me and I'm driven by the belief that everyone has a story worth telling. 

While at University I met this guy, Kevin. We got married almost three years later. He's my best friend and my favorite person. You might hear about him from time to time (or a lot). 

Itchy feet has always been my biggest weakness and I'm a sucker for adventure. For a long time I would pack as much as I could get away with "just in case" and even lugged a medium checked suitcase all the way around Europe with me - more than once. I decided that I didn't want to be bogged down with so much stuff anymore and have been working on mastering the art of packing just the essentials ever since. I'm not a true minimalist (you should see my bookshelves and collection of backpacks), but I do enjoy the challenge of weeding things down to the minimum whenever I take a trip. 

I started this blog to share my travels and what I learn with each new adventure. I tend to ramble too much and have always been bad at proofreading my own stuff, but hopefully you find something that clicks with you and urges you to experience the world a little more. 

This is my story. I'd love to hear yours. 


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