Spring Wishlist

Is it too early to be thinking about Spring and warmer weather? I sure hope not because I've been looking at some pieces in my wardrobe that I can't wait to pull out again. I'm ready for lighter fabrics, jackets instead of coats, and being able to show some ankle without freezing. 

The weather has been teasing me the last few days with slightly warmer temperatures, but there's still so much snow on the ground that trying to wear sneakers today felt extremely rebellious. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad, but I'm still looking forward to being able to talk evening walks again. 

That being said, there's a few spring additions I'm hoping to add to my wardrobe. They are all things I've been looking at since last year and figuring out if I really needed (and maybe wanted, just a little bit) and would get enough use out of in my wardrobe. 

We've had such a harsh winter this year. I'm more than ready for warm weather and believe that it has to be right around the corner - no matter what that groundhog predicted! 

Leather Travel Case Set | Cuyana 

I've been using the same travel cosmetics bag for a long time. So long that I don't remember when I got it. With a trip to Iceland coming up in May, I've been looking at investing in a few new travel accessories that will last with me for a long time. I love this travel set from Cuyana. I've heard good things about the quality of this set, and if it's anything like their bags, I know it will be high quality and beautiful. 

Courier Shirt | Madewell

I'll admit, Madewell is still one of my favorite places to find pieces. I find them to last a long time, look and wash well, and they're all so comfortable. I love the oversized look of this top and how it can be dressed up, down, and all around. I have white collared shirts, but none that are short sleeved or that would be so versatile. 

Demi-Boot Jeans | Madewell

The other item I'm looking at from Madewell is this pair of jeans. I've really enjoyed breaking away from the skinny leg look, but I feel like this slightly cropped and light wash would be perfect for warmer spring weather. I love Madwell jeans because they were the first pair of jeans I found that I could be comfortable in all day, didn't lose their shape, and that I actually felt good in. 

I recently covered a story about skinny jeans, and most of the people I talked to said that skinny jeans aren't always the most flattering cut - something I agree with. I think there are skinny looks I like on myself, but there are some that just accentuate my hips and thighs, which is something I am not a fan of. I love that vintage cuts are making a bit of a comeback, but I'll admit that a good skinny is still my go-to, even if it's a little boring. 

Silk Shirt | Everlane

I recently picked up one of the 100% Human shirts from Everlane and found myself browsing some other items while I waited for it to arrive. I'm really into the blush trend right now, something I thought I'd never say since I am not a fan of pink. But I think that the blush color is just neutral enough for me to like and feel feminine, but it's not too in your face. 

Raw Silk 

If there's one thing I'm determined to try this year, it's raw silk. It's such a beautiful material from what I've seen, and seems to only get better with wear. I'm desperately in love with this gray dress from Only Child. It's pretty much the exact definition of my style. I've also been looking at the Jamie + The Jones shirts for so long, where I also love the gray color. I might end up getting both, but I am determined to get myself at least one piece of raw silk to experiment with and review this year. 

Tote | Everlane

I'm starting to think that you can't really be considered a grown woman until you carry around a tote. Maybe that's just because I want one, but I definitely want to get my hands on a great tote. I never really considered myself a tote lady before, but I tried one the other day and was kind of hooked. I'd love to find a good zippered tote to take with me on plane rides, and while I love the Cuyana one, I really like the simplicity and sturdiness that this Everlane one offers. 

Sandals | Nisolo

I picked up these exact sandals last year, but unfortunately I learned a little too late that you should size down. I still love them, but the leather is very soft and slips off. That being said, I love how comfortable they are, and I would really like to get a pair in this color for this upcoming SS season. I love all of Nisolo's shoes, and their chukka boots are my favorite pair of shoes that I own. 




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