About a girl, a lake, and the future

About a girl, a lake, and the future

This isn't the first time I've had to introduce myself, but the initial awkwardness of it never seems to leave. So let's just get this part over with, shall we? 

My name is Savannah, and I would like to formally welcome you to the website that will work as my blog and professional portfolio. As someone who has always enjoyed writing - and likes to think that there might be someone out there who enjoys reading it - it's wonderful to have my own little piece  of the internet to use as an outlet and platform. 

I'm an West Coast girl through-and-through. I was born in Vancouver and was raised at the base of the Rocky Mountains when my parents eventually moved to the States. I am working towards a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Print News Media, and live with my husband behind a hospital. 

We're still by the mountains, and I hope that doesn't change. I've always preferred mountains and their cool lakes over sandy ocean beaches. I spent all my summers growing up in a cabin by the lake where I fished, swam, and dabbled in various water sports. That lake still remains as my favorite place in the world, despite having now visited about 20 countries, all of which I love, but they don't hold the same legacy and memories as that little old place by the water.  

That's where I am now, in fact. Sitting on a couch, watching the sunset over the water and listening to the sounds of a campfire next door. The mountains encase the water and are covered on tall, majestic pines that make the air so fresh. I've been to a few other lakes in my time, but none are as wonderful or refreshing to the spirit as the ones found high up and surrounded by trees. 

It may be one of my last summers here, but this won't be the last time I write about the place. It's appeared in my work since I was just writing "What I Did During Summer Break" essays for school. After all, they do say to write about what you know, and no matter what happens to me or how confused and discouraged I get about life, this simple little house has always been my constant. As silly as the sentimentality seems, it's not so much the place itself that is special, but all the joyful memories and love I feel when I think of or visit the place. 

I love travel in all its forms. Relaxing cruises or resort vacations are great, but I also love roughing it. Backpacking, getting off the beaten path, and constantly moving and having new experiences are what I live for. When I discovered my love of the personal narrative or creative nonfiction genre, I knew that I might have a chance of actually doing some writing as a job. I also like journalism and writing personal profile stories, which I think tends to go hand in hand with travel adventures. You always meet the most fascinating people with great stories, and I like to be able to tell those stories. So essentially, I would like to someday be one of those cool travel writer people. But for now, I just write whatever comes into my head. 

That's what I envision the future of this website to be - for now, at least. While it will also contain links and articles of mine that have been published, it will also be the new home for my blog, which has been living under a different name for the last little while. 

Welcome aboard, and thanks for stopping by. I like responding to emails, so feel free to contact me about any work or questions! 

Will most likely be found traveling, reading, writing, or somehow doing all three. Passionate about books, culture and art.