Hi, I'm Savannah. 


I've always loved learning about different cultures. Being mixed race, I was always a little bit more aware of the fact that there was a whole world out there where people lived and thought differently than I did. 

I always looked a little different, ate "weird food," and consequently felt pretty out of place growing up. I've learned the most about myself and my identity through exploring other places and realizing that I'm really not that different after all, and that the whole world is made up of unique and beautiful people. 

Thankfully, my family felt the same and I was able to start traveling pretty young, sometimes for more than a month at a time. When I got old enough, I wanted to continue to have adventures on my own. I wanted to continue to meet new people, talk to them, and learn their stories. I've always strongly believed that everyone has a story worth hearing and sharing, and that's part of what motivated me to study journalism. 

Today, I live with my husband near the Rocky Mountains and feed my travel and adventure addiction as much as possible, as well as continue my search for the ideal travel backpack. 


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